06 Jan

Who should you mail to?

The short version is you should get your name and what you do and your contact info in front of as many eyes as possible as often as possible.

We always recommend that you mail to your customer list quarterly.  And that you should mail to potential customers every month.

  • How do you find your potential customers?  We can help with that.  You start with what you do and what type of people you deliver services to now.  Then we find a mailing list of people are similar.
  • If you are some type of contractor, you will probably want to mail to home owners.  You can refine that list by adding on home value within a range, income level or you can target a specific area.
  • If you are a chiropractor, you can choose an address list based on a radius around your office address.  We could have that list contain every residence address within that radius or we can more specifically target people who are likely to want the services of a chiropractor.  And we can further refine this list to include a range of annual income levels and even something like the presence of children.
  • We recently did a mailing by a karate master that went to all the karate schools in our metro area.
  • A cabinet-making company, looking for more employees, purchased a mailing list of people who live within a 35-mile radius of their location  and who like to do handyman work and whose income was within a certain range.
  • Our tree care company mails to houses in their zip code.
  • And when we purchase a list for our company, we choose businesses and non-profits with employees under 100 and an annual income of less than $500,000.  (Anything bigger than that, they probably do their promotional work in-house.)

But, again, the most important thing you can do is get your message out before as many eyes as possible.  If you don’t do that, nothing will happen.  If you do mail, and mail often, some percentage of the people you mail to will call or email asking about your services.

Once you get them in the door, your excellent services and wonderful care will keep them and they will refer their friends and family to you.



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