About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated and we will always go that extra mile to get the job done. It’s our goal to be known as the mailing house that provides the very best service.



Our Story

After many years of working with mailings and promotion in a large non-profit organization, we set out to start our small business. Knowing that promotional mailings were important, we looked for a mailing house that could provide those services to us. We quickly discovered that every mailing house had some sort of minimum or set-up fee, a fee far higher than what our tiny not-yet-profitable business could afford. We ended up taking care of our own promotion and eventually turned that into a full-time business: Vrla Mailing Services.

Meet the Team

Gayle Vrla

Founder & CEO

Gayle is a member of the Greater Portland Postal Customer Council and also a USPS certified Mailpiece Design Professional. She has worked with the postal system for many years; has studied their manuals, knows their rules and stays up to date on any postal rate or rule changes.

Bill Smalley

Production Manager

Bill handles the everyday work details from sales calls to quality checking the mailings to delivery to the Post Office. Bill keeps his finger on the pulse to ensure the highest quality mailings are produced and go out on schedule!

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