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We will handle everything from the idea to the mailbox!

Saturation Mailing - Mail to Every House

5000 Saturation Mailing Addresses for ONLY $75!!!

Saturate the area around your business by mailing to the postal routes surrounding your business! Contact every single person affordably! And postage is as low as $0.186 per piece! Get up to 5000 addresses for ONLY $75!

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Direct Marketing, Mailing & Printing Services

With over 20 years of experience, we will advise you as to the best type of mail piece and will get the graphic design and printing done to your specifications.


  • Every Door Direct Mailing
  • Targeted Marketing of Your Mailing
  • Bulk Postage Rates
  • Tray, Bundle and Delivery (Local Postal Standards)

  • Postcard Printing
  • Letter & Envelope Printing
  • Flyer Printing
  • Business Card Printing

  • Address List Purchase
  • List Maintenance & Correction
  • Mail Merge
  • Barcoding
From The Idea To The Mailbox

VRLA Mailing Services

In order to make it in business, you must communicate to both your current customers and your potential new customers. You must put your name and phone number in front of them over and over and over again and offer them something to buy. We know that’s the way you will get business so we provide the method to do that – as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

We know what it is like to start out small so we provide services to every business, even the small ones just starting out. We feel that customers with small businesses and small mailings deserve the same quality of service as the bigger mailers and should not be charged extra for it!

It’s our goal to be known as the mailing house that provides the very best service.

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From Our Clients

  • “Our numerous weekly, monthly, and one-off Real Estate mailing campaigns have been very successful at getting our phones to ring.  The Vrla team works hard to track all our projects/postage/stationary, they provide excellent project-status updates, they look out for our best interest, and are always following up with us to keep the campaigns on track.  We are pleased to be working with this great local company, and would recommend Vrla Mailing Services to anyone looking for a  mailing company who cares about their client’s success.”

    C.H. North Rim Partners
  • “We’ve been using Vrla Mailing Services for many years and have always been impressed with their speed and professionalism.  They have helped us with many mailing campaigns and always do an excellent job. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else for our mailings and we highly recommend them.”

    T.P. Tom Leach Roofing
  • “I value the fact that you are so reliable. You have serviced our office exactly as I requested, and then some.”

    D.C. David N. Carothers, DDS

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