26 Jun
First of all, any kind of mail is a good idea. You send something physical that the recipient can hold on to and put on the frig or in a file. You can’t do that with email.  Yeah, I know you can print the email but how often do you actually that? Once you’ve decided on sending out mail, which kind of mail should you do? Where do you get the list?
Every Door Direct Mail. This is a type of mail that saturates an area.  
  • You can pick a zip code or a portion of a zip code and your mail piece will go to everyone in the zip code or the portion chosen.
  • You can mail to all the businesses and all the residents or you can mail to just the residents.
  • You don’t have to buy a mailing list because the mail piece is directed to “Postal Customer” in that zip code.
  • So you also save the expense or trouble of addressing each mailing piece (although there is some other prep that we have to do).
  • The actual trays that we fill and take to the Post Office are then given directly to the mail carrier who delivers the mail. So since this type of mail requires a lot less work for the Post Office people, you get an extra discount.
  • If you’re mailing locally, the postage right now would be $0.208 each.
Direct Mail
  • You can be more specific about who you mail to. For example, if you do construction, you don’t want to waste some of your money mailing to apartment dwellers and you wouldn’t want to mail to renters.
  • You can choose a mailing list by area, home ownership, presence of children, interests, annual income, home value, etc.
  • You don’t have to do large mailings all at once. You can do mailings as small as 200 mail pieces each or you can do several small mailings to spread your costs out over a period of time.
  • And although the postage is higher than EDDM, the average local postage is $0.309 which is still a whole lot less than the First Class postage of $0.63 or even the post card rate of $0.48.
Either way, we can help you get your message out to the people who will likely want your
service and we can help you design your mailing piece so you can meet all the USPS rules and
can get the lowest postage rate.

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