What Does It Take To Get A Mailing Out?
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Your Idea
Initially, with our assistance, you need to figure out what you want to say, a basic idea of what you want your mailing piece to look like and who you want to mail it to. (Vrla Mailing Services has a Marketing Consultant who can help you with all of this.)

Correct Mailing Lists
We strongly recommend that you mail regularly to 1) your current customer base to get referrals, repeat business, and to inform them of product/service updates; 2) and to the broad public to get new customers. A variety of address lists can be purchased from Vrla Mailing Services. For example, you can send to all the residents of a specific zip code or within a radius of your location. You can also choose to purchase mailing lists with basic criteria such as income level, age, married, children, etc. Plus, hundreds of specialty lists are available. Our highly skilled list specialists will assist in getting your customer mailing list transferred to us and will do any needed correction to ensure it meets all the USPS addressing standards (saves you money!).

Your idea is then sent to a graphic designer who will use her artistic abilities to create your mailing piece. She will ensure it meets all printing parameters and your requirements. It will be sent to you for approval where you can make any changes desired before giving your final approval.

The Printing
The approved piece is then sent to print! We use several machines depending on your piece and liaise with print brokers for specialty printing to ensure the highest quality piece is produced.

If you have your own printer, please coordinate with Vrla Mailing Services first to ensure that all design requirements are met so your mailing piece will easily flow through the mailing system.

Finally, the finished product is sent to Vrla Mailing Services where it is prepped (folded, tabbed, sorted, etc.) as needed and delivered to the Post Office for mailing.

Note: As each one of these steps is a separate process with a variety of options available, the time it takes to get the idea to the mailbox can vary. This time factor lessens significantly once your mailing piece is designed and a regular schedule is established. We routinely can get a mailing printed and to the Post Office within 3-4 business days if no design work is needed. Therefore, planning ahead is important. If your mailing is time sensitive, Vrla Mailing Services will do everything possible to speed things up in order to meet your schedule.

Vrla Mailing Services is very interested in helping you implement your individual marketing program according to your budget, and we will answer any questions you may have along the way. We do not require a minimum order and will work with you each step of the way to ensure that you get the most value for your advertising dollar.

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