How Long Does A Mailing Take?
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When planning a mailing, keep the following in mind and do it like this: Pick a day you’d like your mailing piece to arrive in the recipient’s hands. (Count business days only.)

  1. Once delivered to the Post Office your mailing can take 2 days to a week for the mail piece to travel through the USPS system during light mail times locally and 1 to 2 weeks across the country. For periods near Christmas, Valentine’s Day, tax day, Easter and Mother’s Day add as much as another week.
  2. It takes 3 days for mailing house preparation time and printing.
  3. It takes 1 to 2 days for tabbing. Stuffing and sealing can add an extra day or two depending on the quantity of your mailing. We’ll help you determine this estimate.
  4. Go back 2 days to a week for graphic design. This is the main variable at it takes what it takes to ensure your mail piece is exactly what you want.
  5. Summary: We strive to get your mailing printed and to the Post Office within 72 hours of payment. 

Turn-around time: Specifically regarding the mail preparation services here, our normal turn-around time for any mailing is 3 days (after all the parts of the mailing arrive). Note that most mailing houses take around a week. Any mailing that requires bindery or hand work adds time to that. Although each mailing may not require three full days, this period gives us the room to meet all our customers’ deadlines despite the many things that often happen here all at once.

Tight schedule: If you are reading this when it is too late to keep to this schedule, don’t worry! We’ll do our best to meet the deadline required by your event. Believe me, we are masters at pulling off the impossible.

List: In the middle of the preparation, make sure the mailing list is sent to us (or a new list is purchased) in time for us to work out what the postage will be and so you can get a postage check in our hands before mailing time. The list should get here before the printing. If there are any duplicates or bad addresses in the list this gives us sufficient time to correct those addresses and ensure your list squeaky clean!

That all said, we’ll get your mailing done as soon as we can and we will do our very best to meet your deadline.

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